Add more Lock Screen power to iOS with Glance
Shortcut for iOS 15 & 16
Dynamic info
All DayRelevant information as your day progresses like current weather condition, rain chance, high and low, along with other live weather info based on the current hour.
Or get a glimpse in to tomorrow.
Must be automated to update through out the day.

Glance in the morning to see the average temperature to expect within the next 12 hours.

Glancing in the afternoon will tell you the feels like temperature based on current conditions. Or if the UV Index is high, Glance will let you know.

Winding down? A quick glance at your lockscreen and you'll get an idea of tomorrow's weather.
UnsplashGet beautiful wallpapers automatically pulled from a curated selection of beautiful photos.
Or use a specific term to search Unsplash for and automatically use the results as your wallpaper.
Weather related wallpapers.

Randomly pull a photo from your own album. Or set one specific photo that won't change. You can even assign photo albums to Light Mode and Dark Mode.

Home Screen
Set the same wallpaper from the Lock Screen to the Home Screen, with an option to blur it.Will automatically apply a layout from 'HomeScreen Creator' shortcut if one is saved as Glance.png
LibraryChoose from an ever growing library of themes.

Match System Appearance
Light Mode and Dark Mode specific themes.

Weather Effects
Themes can include layers specific to the current weather condition, and use custom weather icons.

Colorized Text
Change white colored text and or icons to a translucent blurred effect.
GlimpsesOver 10 glimpses to include extra data points to the wallpaper.

• Air Quality
• Wind
• Battery
• Rain


iOS 16 Focus titles may interfere with glimpses. (Glimpses were originally designed on iOS 15)
Easy To InstallGlance will download and install all the necessary image assets for you. So no needing to rummage through the files app.

Easy To CustomizeUsing the themes tab in the Hub, customize the way Glance looks.

Peruse the many preference choices in the settings tab.

Easy To RemoveNot sure if Glance is your thing? Simply uninstall from the settings tab.
In Safari
   and select "Add to Home Screen"